7 Common Mistakes people make when selling

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By Niraj Kapur, Trusted Sales Coach and Linkedin Trainer

Sales and business is a marathon, not a sprint.



After 23 years in sales, 8 years as a coach, author of 3 bestsellers and recently nominated as a Top Sales Influencer To Follow in 2021 by Salesforce, I work with people every day to help them generate more sales.


These 7 mistakes aren’t based on research from years ago. In this fast-paced world, research from years ago is out of date. In fact, research from 6 months ago is out of date.

  • If you are in business, you are in sales, there is no way round that. How you sell is the key....

  • The way we think about sales is the key to success. Understand the mindset behind selling.

  • Enjoy sales conversations but avoiding these mistakes and implementing some easy quick wins.

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This is real-life, real-business sales mistakes people are making RIGHT NOW - so you need to avoid them.


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​"We all work in sales. Most people don't like selling, don't want to sell or don't know how to sell."

- Niraj Kapur, Founder - Everybody works in sales